medical billing
• HIPAA compliant HCFA 1500, Medical Billing Software
• All Physician Specialties plus: Anesthesiology, Psychology, Podiatry, Physical Therapy
• True Windows based, 32 bit Application
• HELP Videos on every screen
• Single or Multi User, easily scalable
• Easy to Use and Very Stable
• Appointment System included
• Two Enhanced Schedulers Available
• Electronic Filing or Paper Claims
• Auto ReBill 30/60/90 Claims
• Electronic Remittance Advice
• Auto Post pay to Patients Ledgers
• Auto Reassign to Secondaries
• Electronic Medical Records (LITE)
• Print Prescriptions/attach to Patient
• Track phone Messages
• Soap Notes/Transcriptions using Templates attached to Patient file
• Intra Office Email
• Intra Office Messages
• Patient Statement Messages
• Industrial/Occupational Medicine
• Company Billing Module
• Managed Care Module
• Fee Schedules
• Promise To Pay Module
• Quick Payment Posting Modules
• Collections Work Module
• CPT Tracking Module
• Co Precent Billing
• Custom Information Screen
• Recalls
• Waiting Room Wizard
• Deleted Ledger Record Report
• Auto Post Reoccurring Charges
• 1000's of Reports Available!

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10 Steps to running an Efficient Medical Practice Office

Most Commonly made mistakes in running an Efficient Medical Practice

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Affordable, yet Powerful
True Windows Application
Built-in Help Videos on Every Screen
Built-in E.M.R.(lite) or Interface with E.M.R. software of your choice
No Costly Database Licensing
Thousands of Built in Reports
Simple Installation

Quick-MD, A Professional Practice Management Software System, delivers the absolute most value for your dollar! We give Office Manager's, the opportunity to purchase a feature rich Practice Management Software system at a very attractive and affordable price. And most importantly, you will not find an easier to use, faster or more stable Windows based product on the market today.

Quick-MD is a full featured Practice Management Software System. We give you complete control over Patient Scheduling, demographics, filing insurance claims both on paper and electronically, posting payments, managing your accounts receivables, soap notes, transcriptions, fee schedules, prescriptions, and much more.

Our reporting is second to none, with literally thousands of reports built into the system. Stay on top of your patients accounts, run reports by user definable classes, analyze your aged balances in several powerful ways, see reports of all claims billed, claims with balance owed and on and on and on. All the reporting needed to effectively manage your practice comes complete to you right out of the box!

Quick-MD is Simple to Learn and Use! The system is very User Friendly and Intuitive. And unlike other software vendors who sell their training separately, Quick-MD's training videos are built into every screen! We are confident that you will agree with the other thousands of users of Quick-MD that it is simply the BEST Practice Management Software on the market today!



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