medical billing
• HIPAA compliant HCFA 1500, Medical Billing Software
• All Physician Specialties plus: Anesthesiology, Psychology, Podiatry, Physical Therapy
• True Windows based, 32 bit Application
• HELP Videos on every screen
• Single or Multi User, easily scalable
• Easy to Use and Very Stable
• Appointment System included
• Two Enhanced Schedulers Available
• Electronic Filing or Paper Claims
• Auto ReBill 30/60/90 Claims
• Electronic Remittance Advice
• Auto Post pay to Patients Ledgers
• Auto Reassign to Secondaries
• Electronic Medical Records (LITE)
• Print Prescriptions/attach to Patient
• Track phone Messages
• Soap Notes/Transcriptions using Templates attached to Patient file
• Intra Office Email
• Intra Office Messages
• Patient Statement Messages
• Industrial/Occupational Medicine
• Company Billing Module
• Managed Care Module
• Fee Schedules
• Promise To Pay Module
• Quick Payment Posting Modules
• Collections Work Module
• CPT Tracking Module
• Co Precent Billing
• Custom Information Screen
• Recalls
• Waiting Room Wizard
• Deleted Ledger Record Report
• Auto Post Reoccurring Charges
• 1000's of Reports Available!

Recent Additions

Added provider id lookup to all reports. The provider's id number can be typed into the lookup box and after pressing Enter it will jump to the provider matching that ID.


New report added "Charge & Payment for Companies Set in Patient Responsible"

This report will give you the total charged and collected during a time period for all companies or for companies that have a sales person associated with them.


Added provider name to unapplied credits.


Added Cpt payment analisys report.


Added the ability to skip to skip claims that have a billing note to the company billing module.


Added Invoice number, Payment by invoice number, and Invoice reporting to the company billing module.


Appointment Cell phone number added to sevocity hl7 export.


Added the ability to attach pdf and jpeg files to a patient's account.


Usage of a receipt printer. Tested with citizen CT-5310.


Added the ability to save historic scanned insurance, drivers license cards and photos.


Save old scaned cards to history.


Email address added to the patient query.


Aging report now has an option to only show claims with a credit balance.


Diagnosis codes added to Texas Workers Compensation form 73.


Meaningful use information added to the custom information screen of the patient demographics. This information when set will be sent to your EMR using hl7.


Electronic checking of insurance eligibility for Gateway clients.


The "Date Taken:" will now display on the insurance card and drivers license print out.


Diagnosis codes will now print in block 21 of the Texas Workers Compensation Work Status Report.


Version 6.0 released. Gateway EDI clients can now check insurance eligibility from the patient's insurance screen and from the appointment system.


In the High Resolution scheduler you can now run the Appointment Audit for a date range.


The system will show the treating doctor's name next to the charge on the ledger browse screen. When this feature is enabled it will print in place of the diagnosis pointers.

To configure this setting go to properties, miscellaneous defaults and click "Put Prov. Name on Ledger Screen" from the right hand column.

The name of the insurance company is now displayed next to the copay amount on the charge entry screen. 12/23/2009
You can pull the employer's information in to the responsible party screen for the Primary, secondary and tertiary insurances. From the patient insurance responsibility screen click on the button labeled "Pull Employer". 12/23/2009
You can now configure the patient browser to always show the medical record number. To do this go to properties then Browser Defaults. You will want to check "Put Medical Record Number" in the "Patient Browser Display Settings". 12/23/2009
You can now put insurance payment reversals into the Line Item Ins. Payment Posting module. To do this set up (if you do not already have one) a payment reversal code in your adjustment table in properties. After it is set up type the code number in the data field "Code For Ins. Payment Reversal" at the bottom of the adjustment table screen. Once this setup is done when you have a payment reversal on your EOB type it in the payment column as a minus sign in front of the dollar amount. When the posting module sees the minus sign it will post the reversal adjustment to the claim instead of a payment. 12/18/2009
In the Hi-Res scheduler when you press the F1 key in the patient name field the Copay for the Insurance company will now be listed in front of the Insurance company name. 11/18/2009
Added the cell phone number to print out of the patient's demographics. 10/16/2009
A new button was added to the patient's primary Ins. Screen. "Set As Guarantor". This button will allow you to place the name and address set as the primary insurances subscriber into the Patient Statement/Guarantor section of the patient's file. 10/07/2009
In the Multi-View and the Hi-Resolution scheduler a "Search By Color" button was added. It will search for the next available appointment based on the color that is set on the time slot. 09/24/2009
A check box labeled "Include Primary Insurance" was added to the charges daily recap. If checked it will include the name of the primary Ins. Company under each charge if it is set in the patient's file. 09/24/2009
You can set an associated drug on the CPT Code record. If a drug is set on the CPT record it will automatically set the NDC information on the patient charge entry screen when the operator enters the CPT code. If the NDC information is set the NDC Info Button will say "NDC Info Set" if it is not set, the button will Read "NDC Info". 06/24/2009
Added the ability to delete cards from the insurance and drivers licenses card scanning modules.06/22/2009
You can now set a Supervising Physician on the Supplier Information Screen for the claim.06/10/2009
A "Print Canned Notes Listing" button was added to the Canned Notes Menu.05/21/2009
You can define your Blue Cross write-off adjustment code in Properties/Miscellaneous Defaults. If it is defined, and you have auto write-offs turned on, it will use the defined code for the Blue Cross write offs on the auto entered adjustments.05/07/2009
For every address field in Quick-MD you can type the zip code in the City filed. If the zip is recognized the city, state and zip fields will automatically populate. If the zip code is unknown you will have the chance to set the city and state. Once they are set Quick-MD will recognize it from then on. There will be a red Z by the city name to remind you of this feature.05/08/2009



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