medical billing
• HIPAA compliant HCFA 1500, Medical Billing Software
• All Physician Specialties plus: Anesthesiology, Psychology, Podiatry, Physical Therapy
• True Windows based, 32 bit Application
• HELP Videos on every screen
• Single or Multi User, easily scalable
• Easy to Use and Very Stable
• Appointment System included
• Two Enhanced Schedulers Available
• Electronic Filing or Paper Claims
• Auto ReBill 30/60/90 Claims
• Electronic Remittance Advice
• Auto Post pay to Patients Ledgers
• Auto Reassign to Secondaries
• Electronic Medical Records (LITE)
• Print Prescriptions/attach to Patient
• Track phone Messages
• Soap Notes/Transcriptions using Templates attached to Patient file
• Intra Office Email
• Intra Office Messages
• Patient Statement Messages
• Industrial/Occupational Medicine
• Company Billing Module
• Managed Care Module
• Fee Schedules
• Promise To Pay Module
• Quick Payment Posting Modules
• Collections Work Module
• CPT Tracking Module
• Co Precent Billing
• Custom Information Screen
• Recalls
• Waiting Room Wizard
• Deleted Ledger Record Report
• Auto Post Reoccurring Charges
• 1000's of Reports Available!


Quick-MD allows you to create templates in Microsoft Word. These templates are then used by the EMR portion of the software to generate documents that contain information from your database.

Here is a list of templates that you can download and use with Quick-MD:

ohead_referral_form.docStandard Referral Form
ohead_communitycare_referral_0606.docLouisiana Medicaid Referral Form 06/06
ohead_medicaid_referral_form.docLouisiana Medicaid Referral Form 08/03
ohead_patient_information.docPatient Information Form



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